Reflections on Worship Night and a video

For sometime now I’ve wanted to come together as a church for an opportunity to simply draw near to God in worship and prayer. To be able to immerse ourselves in a worship experience that is not rushed for time or other distractions. It’s not that Sunday morning isn’t sufficient, it’s just that I find myself wanting more. To be able to incorporate some different aspects of worship that we are less likely to be able to do on a Sunday morning in a YMCA gym. Last night was that night. We gathered at the University Club in Winter Park. The agenda was the words of James 4:8 – Draw near to God and he will draw near to you. I don’t know why I’m surprised that God follows through on his promises. He most certainly drew near to us last night. Sure it was nice to be in a room with better acoustics and lighting, but was that the reason things went well? I genuinely believe God answered our prayers for his Spirit to be poured out amidst us. To encounter God experientially. To not simply cognitively know about God, but to actually experience His presence. I for one am thankful that we serve a relational God who loves to be near his people.

I love that we got a chance at the end of the night to break into smaller groups and pray that more and more people would become worshippers of Jesus. To pray for people by name. To pray that they too would encounter Jesus. To make sure a night like last night isn’t just about us, but it’s also about God using us for His redemptive purposes.

I am looking forward to more night like this.

– huge thanks to all of our worship team members and those that helped with graphics, lights, sound board, set up, etc., etc. There is nothing logistically easy about a night like last night and I’m extremely thankful that so many are using their gifts for God’s glory. I hope they experienced great joy in serving.


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