God’s Sense of Humor

In God’s timing, I got to teach on the topic of busyness this morning out of Luke 10:38-42. I just find it comical that the person that so often needs to hear the message is me. It’s an interesting place to be, sharing a message with conviction, yet also knowing all the ways I fall short. I am thankful that God doesn’t allow me to simply prepare a message for somebody else, but forces me to deal with the text as well. I think that’s how it’s supposed to be. One particular quote that I shared this morning I found particularly insightful. The quote is from David Brooks in his book On Paradise Drive, which I can’t recommend enough. Not because it gives great solutions, but because it exposes much of the idols of suburban America. Here’s what he says regarding busyness and what drives us oftentimes…

In the land of abundance, people work feverishly hard, and cram their lives insanely full, because the candies are all around, looking up and pleading, “Taste me, taste me, taste me.” People in such a realm live in a perpetual aspirational trance. They are bombarded from first waking till night-time’s last thought by advertisements, images, messages, novelties, improvements, and tales of wonder. It takes a force of willpower beyond that of most ordinary people to renounce all this glorious possibility. It’s easier to work phenomenally long hours and grasp at all the candies than it is to say no. It takes incredible dedication to renounce opportunity, get off the conveyor, and be content with what one is.

– David Brooks, On Paradise Drive

Here’s the thing…one can not possibly be “content with what one is” until our identity is found in what Jesus has done for us. Only then am I able to “get off the conveyor” and do the hard work of saying no.

Here’s hoping you find some true rest this Christmas season. Peace.


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