NBA Games, the Gospel, and Christmas

Maybe once or twice a year I have the opportunity to go to an Orlando Magic game, and every time, including last night, I find myself wondering the same thing…is it really about the game? Is the game really enough? What I mean is there is so much peripheral stuff they do at every break to keep us all entertained. I mean the amount of programming strategy and hype is almost overwhelming. Are we that bored with the game that we need all these other distractions? Do the front office folks of the Magic worry the game isn’t enough to hold our interests so they need to send a giant cow floating on a bottle of milk throughout the arena?

It just all makes me wonder.

But maybe an even more important question is how guilty are we of this in the church? Are we confident in the message we have to proclaim, the gospel? Do we trust that it is enough or do we feel compelled to try and entertain with all sorts of periphery? And what about at Christmas time, where we are supposed to focus on the gift of Jesus, how much of our time is focused on the external hype?

It’s my hope that we will actually experience the person who is at the center of everything and truly know that He is enough…both in this Christmas season and throughout every day we are given on this planet.


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