The Chaos of Vacation Planning

I might be writing this more for my own benefit, so that I’ll remember to heed my own words. The front end planning of a vacation with your spouse is terrible. It starts out as a good idea and then all the realities set in. You have to coordinate things for work. If you have kids, you have to coordinate child care, school lunches, etc. You have to factor in what you can afford. You have to run through multiple travel scenarios, all of which affect said work schedule, child care issues, and costs. Just when you think you got it figured out you will go to book that finally decided upon flight only to find the cost went up. You might scream and want to punch your computer. You will be scrambling to pack the night before wondering is this worth all the trouble? You will get to the airport and suddenly remember it’s going to cost you about $100 more than you thought because you made the mistake of actually packing luggage.

Yet as Heather and I drove back to the airport last Friday, preparing to fly home, we were extremely grateful for the time away. Time to refocus. Time to reconnect. Time to promise each other that it was worth all the trouble and make plans to always build this into our schedule.

Now sub-zero temps in Wisconsin may not be your thing, but if you are married I highly recommend getting this time on your calendar, regardless of where you go.

To those who helped make this a reality by taking care of kids and taking on extra responsibilities with the church – thanks!


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