Reflecting in Boca

Haven’t blogged much as of late, but since I’m by myself, in a Barnes & Noble on a Sunday night, I thought I’d check in. I am away from the family this weekend and the first part of the week for the yearly church planting conference at Spanish River Church. This church is a supporting church of CrossPointe Winter Park, and we are extremely grateful. In the history of SRC they have given over 9 million dollars towards church planting in the U.S. and around the world. Pretty incredible. I had the opportunity to set up a booth for people to stop by and visit after the services. It was great to connect with the people of this community and to share with them how God is at work in and through CrossPointe. It’s always good for me to articulate to others how God is at work, as it usually serves to remind me of the great privilege I have to play my part through CrossPointe. Good time to reflect and think about all the past year has brought. Though I do miss Heather and the girls, it’s been a time that reminds me of God’s faithfulness. I love that I have stories to tell. It used to be that I’d come to things like this and be encouraged by others stories (which I still am) and wonder what our stories might be. I still wonder what they might be, but I also love knowing what they are. We are not in the realm of the hypothetical. Real lives are encountering the real Jesus and His good news. Very cool. Peace.


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