Paralyzed by Grace

Dallas Willard, in his book The Great Omission, says the following, 

Currently we are not only saved by grace; we are paralyzed by it. We find it hard to see that grace is not opposed to effort, but is opposed to earning. Earning and effort are not the same thing. Earning is an attitude, and grace is definitely opposed to that. But it is not opposed to effort.

I was reminded of this as I read 1 Timothy chapter 6 this morning. In Paul’s final words, to this young leader, he reminds him to both flee and pursue. To flee the idols of this world while also pursuing the things of God. God’s grace, which Paul was adamant about, should not paralyze us, but rather motivate us to live out of our new identities. 

Grace, rightly understood, motivates our efforts while at the same time keeps us from an earning mindset. This is both freeing and challenging. 


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