Your Brain and Technology

I found this article fascinating, though it’s kind of sad that I probably played into what it was describing – seeing as I helped get the kids to bed and then immediately went to my computer to get my information fix. Also checked my email on my iPhone while reading this article on my computer. I have to admit that I feel like I can tell certain days how my brain has been re-wired. If I start the day out on the computer I will only end up doing multi-task type things. I can’t disconnect to get into sermon/study/learning mode. I have to start out the day in that (study/prep) and then leave time in the afternoon to take care of the other things. 

As a related aside – as much as I have iPad envy, I do wonder if it’s main draw for me – reading books – would have a detrimental effect. Would I constantly jump out of the book to check email, facebook, twitter, etc.? I have a feeling I might. 

Your Brain and Technology


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