CLICK – how to connect

For Father’s Day my kids got me the new book CLICK by the Brafman brothers, and it was shelved until our recent vacation. The premise of the book is what makes us “click” with someone relationally? Though there are several factors that are discussed (the contents of each chapter), there is one that stood out to me initially. It’s the factor of VULNERABILITY. They talk about the risk that is involved in being vulnerable, but how it’s an absolutely necessary component to clicking with someone else. The challenge is who will be vulnerable first? 

Though the writers are not Christians (as far as I know), they have stumbled upon a very biblical truth. Community gets fostered as we share life with people – actually sharing our hopes, fears, frustrations, etc. To move beyond the realm of small talk into something truly meaningful. Problem is that most of the time we are afraid to enter in. 

As a Christian, I have tremendous resources here in the Gospel. For the Gospel gives me a great boldness to share and be vulnerable – because at the end of the day, even if rejected or misunderstood, my identity is secure in Christ. So while I agree that vulnerability is a component of “clicking” with people, without the gospel this may be limited to “clicking” with people who are already like me and think just like me. Going from “clicking” into true community is made possible through the power of the Gospel as it humbles us (because we can’t measure up to God on our own) and emboldens us (because we have new identities in Christ). 


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