August 2 – it’s a Big Day

August 2 is a reminder of God’s great blessings in my life. Not only did I get the privilege of marrying Heather 13 years ago (more on that in a moment), but I also got the great gift of my youngest daughter Mackinley! Mackie (as she’s affectionately known as) is a big time 4 year old today! She brings us much joy.

I’m also extremely grateful for the blessing that is my wife Heather. It’s hard to believe it’s been 13 years! We get some curious looks when we tell people that – I just tell them we got married when we were 12, but then they see my graying hair and they know better. 

Anyway she is an amazing wife and amazing mom. I love her very much. Not just because last week she surprised me by having the kids stay at their grandparents, booking a hotel, making dinner reservations at our favorite restaurant, and then going to see Inception (forgot what movie theaters look like), but it was a pretty cool gesture. Here’s a pic of my beautiful bride at that favorite restaurant (Seasons 52)…

Here’s a cool new song from one of our favorite artists…Andrew Peterson…great perspective on marriage. Thankful for the dance thus far and looking forward to the years ahead!


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