God is a God of irony. He chose for his Son to be born in shame, live his life in shame, and then die in the most shameful manner. Shame is evil’s greatest weapon against God. But God takes the weapon of evil and uses it to mock and then destroy evil. The cross initially looks like the ultimate victory of shame. But the victory of shame and disgrace is short-lived because resurrection interrupts the celebration of evil and triumphs over shame by introducing hope. Disgrace has been made a shameful spectacle. It is triumphed over by the redemption of God’s humiliation. Jesus endured the shame of the cross but also scorned it. He shamed shame and revealed God’s love for, not rejection of, you. At the cross, Jesus triumphed over all of your enemies and put them to open shame. Jesus won the victory and leads a triumphal process.

Justin Holcomb, Rid of My Disgrace

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