Random Reflections

  • Had a great day at CrossPointe Winter Park yesterday.
  • Lots of new guests and people taking next steps toward connecting.
  • Probably had our largest Meet CrossPointe lunch ever – our house was not really made for that many people. It was a good problem to have.
  • Really loving the book of Jonah – fun to revisit this book almost 6 years after teaching through it with our launch team.
  • Worship set was really powerful yesterday. Grateful for those who sacrifice weekly to use their talents in this area.
  • Monday is my day for church planting work outside of CrossPointe Winter Park
  • Got to spend time with one of the CrossPointe planters. Always encouraged by what God is doing in and through the family of CrossPointe.
  • Got to spend time with a prospective church planter. Always fun sharing my/our story and reminds me of God’s grace in this entire process.
  • Really love hanging with church planters.
  • My girls started school today
  • We had a great summer. It was bittersweet sending them back today.
  • Hard to believe I’ve got a 5th and 3rd grader.
  • We have a growing CrossPointe presence at their school with other families from the church. Praying that God might use us to have a collective impact there.
  • Thanks for reading!


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