Our World is Amazing

As I sit here, getting ready to fly home from Ohio, I am overlooking acre upon acre of farm land. Soy beans and corn have sprouted from seeds that were put into the ground some months ago. Now the land is filled and the harvest will happen soon. Amazing. 

Yesterday we spent time, how all summers should be spent (at least to me), on a lake. Refreshing water. Laughter. Humans gliding across the surface of the lake being pulled by a rope. The sky running through a kaleidoscope of colors as the sun began to set. Amazing.

In the last week we have had two viewings, one memorial service, and one graveside service for my mother in law. Her body was laid to rest. Returned to the dust from which we all came. People showed up. People wept. People expressed their memories and the impact she had on their lives. Community happens. Love can be expressed. Amazing. 

I can be jaded and cynical. I can easily see the problems – that is not a struggle for me. It’s God’s grace that He lets me see that this world is amazing. I hope you will take a few minutes to watch the video below. Maybe you won’t track with all of the references, but it’s a helpful bit of instruction and persepctive. I need more childlike wonder and awe. I’m guessing you might too. 

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