The Lie of Possibility or Why We Like to Bury Our Talent

I like to live in the realm of possibility. I like having some future endeavor I am considering. I like communicating to people what that might be.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

But sometimes it’s about POSSIBILITY CAPITAL. Here’s what I mean by possibility capital. Capital can be defined as wealth in the form of money or other assets owned by a person or organization. For some of us, we make the theoretical, the might, the possibility a source of value for us. It is our wealth. It’s a card we can play, so to speak, so that people might think well of us. That people might be impressed. That we might hear accolades from people. 

The fact is it’s easier to stay in the realm of theoretical. It’s less risky. It’s nice to have some exciting, glamorous plan that you might act upon. It makes for great conversation. But if it stays in the realm of might, then it’s just possibility capital, which is really no value at all. 

I remember the years leading up to planting a church. It was fun to tell people about what I might do. What it might be like. How it might all come together. But eventually the might needs to move to reality. 

Though there is much more going on in the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30), one of the reasons I think the 3rd servant might have buried his talent is because of the lure of possibility capital. I wonder if he gathered with his friends and told stories about what he might do with that talent. That some day he would dig that talent up. He knew right where it was. So he maybe told impressive stories. Grandiose stories. Visionary stories. Stories about how amazed the Master would be when he returned. 

But then the Master returned and he had done nothing. He had stayed in the realm of might. He had been stuck in the realm of possibility. Possibility lies to us and tells us we always have more time.

Jesus wants to free us from this deadly realm of possibility. He wants us to see what a generous and good Master he is. How he has given us everything. He literally took our place on the cross. Died the death we deserve. Rose again, conquering Satan, sin, and death. When that truth really grips our hearts, then, and only then can we risk. It’s then we can step out in faith.

Why? Because we will no longer fear failure. Even if we fail, we know that we have a rock solid identity in Christ. It’s knowing the love Jesus has for us, that moves us out of the prison of possibility and into His glorious kingdom work. 

Will you play your part? Will you be Unleashed?


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