Random Reflections

  • Yesterday was the launch of our brand new sermon series called A Beautiful Mess. It’s a study through the book of 1 Corinthians. You can get the study guide here (it turned out great).
  • We also had our annual CP Bowl and Picnic after the service. Great time of connection. The events/hospitality team did an amazing job putting everything together. Super encouraged to see people using their gifts for the good of others. Was neat to see how many guests stayed for the picnic. 
  • I did not participate in the flag football game. Partly due to being old. Partly due to two acl reconstruction surgeries. Mainly due to the fact that in about a week Heather and I get to head out of town for some x-country skiing up in the frigid Northwoods of Wisconsin and I didn’t want to risk an injury. Really looking forward to this time away with her. 
  • This past week we implemented a new rhythm for the staff of CrossPointe Winter Park. We put a full day on the calendar, once per month, for silence, study, reflection, prayer, solitude. Looking forward to our staff meeting this afternoon to hear about everybody’s experience last week. 
  • I for one found it particularly helpful, though also immensely challenging. I knew it was going to fall during a time where I would believe I couldn’t break away because I had too many important things to accomplish. It was launch week for our new sermon series, which I always like but also know that it takes more time to prep. I had elders training. I had a wedding to officiate. You don’t need all the details, but just lots of stuff to do. I’m sure you can relate. Then Wednesday rolled around and I couldn’t work on any of it. I had to unplug. Reflect. Rest. Wok “on” my life. It’s in my moments like these that I realize how prone I am to believe the lie that I am what I accomplish. Sabbath is active resistance to the notion that my identity is tied to my production. 
  • It’s nice to sit here on Monday morning and know that everything still got accomplished, even with one less day. It’s good to know I’m not as important as I think I am. 
  • We are hoping our architectural plans will be ready to submit for permitting this week for the new mid-size space for CrossPointe Winter Park. The plans I’ve seen look great and I’m getting excited. I think this is going to be really beneficial and needed space. 
  • A week ago Sunday we had a worship and prayer night to conclude our Prayer series. It was a great time to hear stories of how God has been at work in people’s lives, to pray for the church, and to worship Jesus. We concluded the night with two baptisms with folks who were connected at CP Winter Springs. Super encouraging night. Hoping our church will increasingly be rooted in prayer. 
  • Overall I feel pretty good about the first month of 2015. 
  • I’ve been enjoying my bible reading plan – it takes you to a different genre of the Bible each day. I’ve enjoyed the variety. You can see the plan here

Below are some pics from yesterday. Have a great week!


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