Sermon Quotes – 9.20.15

This past Sunday I found myself preaching one of the trickiest texts I’ve ever had to navigate. 1 Corinthians is fun like that. As daunting as it was, I’m also really grateful to be able to teach through a book of the Bible like 1 Corinthians. It raises so many questions that are both timely and timeless for the world in which we inhabit. So if you’ve got questions regarding sex, singleness, and marriage, perhaps this sermon might be of some help. Some quotes I referenced are listed below.

In his writings, Paul always uses the word “gift” to mean an ability God gives to build others up. Paul is not speaking, then, of some kind of elusive, stress-free state. The “gift-ness” of being single for Paul lay in the freedom it gave him to concentrate on ministry in ways that a married man could not. Paul may very well, then, have experienced what we today would call an “emotional struggle” with singleness. He might have wanted to be married. He not only found an ability to live a life of service to God and others in that situation, he discovered (and capitalized on) the unique features of single life (such as time flexibility) to minister with very great effectiveness.
– Tim & Kathy Keller, The Meaning of Marriage

A spouse and a minivan full of kids on the way to Disney World is a sweet gift and a terrible god.
– Kevin DeYoung

Scripture reminds us that in the midst of broken, sinful, frustrating people, God’s Spirit is at work creating a transformed community. God is not surprised by our brokenness. His way of maturing us isn’t thwarted. In fact, it is in, and by the messiness that God does the supernatural work of drawing us into the likeness of his Son. Grace shows up when there is brokenness and sin. The Spirit is most active when there is great work to do. Without this perspective it is hard to enter into the life of a community.
– Richard Plass and James Coffield, The Relational Soul

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