Sermon Quotes – Beautiful Contentment – 9.27.15

This task of showcasing God is so fundamental to what I have been made for that I will not figure myself out very well unless I make it a priority. I find myself, in other words (and ironically), only as I make ‘finding myself’ less important than finding and showcasing God.
– Charles Drew, A Journey Worth Taking

The prisoners were now put to back-breaking work leveling the ground inside the camp. One day when Betsie was able to lift only the smallest shovelful of dirt, a guard began to make fun of her. Betsie tried to laugh along with them but only succeeded in infuriating the guard tormenting her. The guard picked up her crop and struck Betsie hard on her neck and chest. In a blind rage, Corrie grabbed her shovel and went for the guard, but Betsie stopped her before the guard had a chance to see her. As blood began to soak her blouse, she begged her sister to keep working. Seeing Corrie stare angrily at the welt forming on her neck, Betsie said, “Don’t look at it, Corrie. Look at Jesus only.”
– Eric Metaxas, 7 Women (this quote is from the account of the life of Corrie ten Boom and her sister. They were subjected to Nazi concentration camps for helping to protect the lives of Jews in their hometown.)

Find the sermon here.

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